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Dining at Commodore Grille in Nashville, TN

The Commodore Grille is open every day of the week for breakfast and dinner. With our wide-ranging menu, you are sure to find something to please everyone. In addition to serving breakfast and dinner, our restaurant and lounge features live entertainment each night of the week.


Call the friendly staff of Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt at (615) 327-4707 to learn more about our restaurant. For guests of the hotel, room service is available from the hours of 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

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Live Entertainment at Commodore Grille

Experience Nashville and the live entertainment of Music City without ever having to leave Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt. Located in the lobby of our Nashville hotel, the Commodore Grille lounge hosts live entertainment 7 days a week. Call us at (615) 327-4707 to learn more about our upcoming entertainment schedule. For this week, our Songwriters are as follows:


Sun Mon Wed and Thur nights 


No Cover Charge!


Wed June 1

Bobby Pizazz, Pam Belford, Susie Monick, Jerry Vandiver, Craig Lackey, Hannah Allison, Opal Justice, Dustin Martin, Pam Tate, Robin Ruddy, Antionette Olesen, John Slimak, Brandon Martin


Thurs June 2

Glenn Douglas and Dottie Tubb, Darcy Slade, Teresa McCann, Mark Addison Chandler, Darrell Simpson, Patti & Jerry Workman, John Trentes, Kyle James, Tyler Brent, Karree J Phillips, Larry King, Lexi Deats, Bo Brendle, Ricky Randolph, Joe Tucibat


Sun June 5

Buddy Brock, Adam James, Chuck Whiting, Mark Lane, Jerry Green, Ryan Steele, Janet & Charles Cox, Michelle Little, Chuck Fredrick, Doug Mayes, Connor Muncil


Mon June 6

im Sales, Denny Martin, Greg Pratt, AJ Bigler, Johnny Ray, Buzz BAnd, Anthony Ainsworth, Tiffany Grant, Alex Bowling, Brandon Scott, Brian Hart


Wed June 8

Joel Shewmake, Will Rambeaux,  Wild Oats Records,  Kevin So, Pam Belford, Jimmy Borja, Jonathan Cigary, Scott Sanford, Justin Love, Sami Jo, Hillary Romaine


Thurs June 9

Bernie Nelson, Kimber Annie Engstrom, AJ Kross, Madelyn Victoria, Nick Nichols, Amy Chenoweth, Jenna Longmire, Laurel Wright, Wes Lunsford, Josh Wolfe, Adam Bruno, Jay Collins, Georgia, Randy Woody, Brian Cathey, Morgan Alexis, Jeffrey Lyle, Kevan Browne


Sun June 12

Pam Belford, Ryan Nicholson, Mike Dunbar, Ricky Randolph, Jerry Meadows, Rudy Landa, Dawn & Nash, Dallas Remington, Cindy Torres, Dominic Francesco, Amy Hailstone, Matt Griffin


Mon June 13

Ren & Andi Renfree, Donita Gwynn Newman, Ty Warner, Robert Daniels, Justin Dukes, Tonga Noga, Kat Lee Jones, Opal Justice, Jeff Dezern, Joe Rieg, Pez, James Conlon, Zac Edington


Wed June 15

Jerry Foster, Charlotte Ivey, Jeff Hodge, Brad Howard, Glenn Athen, Luke DePaul, Pam Belford, Susie Orevec, Karla Davis, The Pfeiffer Twins, Travis Dukes, Brianna Lauren, Karianne Jean, Anthony Cuggage, Zach Mann


Thurs June 16

Dave Givson, Sam Tate, Ricky Randolph, Dark Waters Project, Emmett Grayson, Mike Villines, Darren T, Len Chappell, Taylor Gayle, Amelia Airharts, Frank Hurd, Robert Strange, Tammy Sue Taylor, Markus Pearson


Sun June 19

Lisa Aschmann, Antionette Olesen, George Moore, Karree J Phillips, Bo Brendle, Josh Wolfe, Grace Bernicker, Scott Honaker, Sara Jane, Tom Glynn, Nephi Clark, Joe Maynard, Emma Klein


Mon June 20

Lacy Green, Randy Finchman, John Trentes, Jerry Green, Janet & Charles Cox, Mark Addison Chandler, Davis Corley, Kathy Hudson, Adam James, Will Duvall, Rick Davis


Wed June 22

Donnie Winters, Will RAmbeaux, Brett Berwager, Laurel Wright, Wes Lunsford, Adam Bruno, Jay Pounders, Sarah Twomey, Gary Estes, Nick Halsted, Zach Mann, Corey Lambert


Thurs June 23

Brian White, Ryan Bizarri, Michelle Little, Johnny Ray, Lexi Deats, Chellanie, Ben Potter, Dakota Leigh, J4 Wandass, Jimmy Bilbrey, Regan Stewart, Marti Ryan, David Maldonade


Sun June 26

Melody Guy, Ed Beaver, Cindy Torres, Joe Tucibat, Sarah Killian, Delyn Christian, Jimmy Ryan, Joe Sly, Ricky Randolph, Gary Cavanaugh, Matt MCcloskey, Mike Bowen, Chris Holder, Just Sayin


Mon June 27

Melody Round Up Music, Tony Stampley, Gerald Smith, Clinton Gregory, Greg Pratt, Jonathan Cigary, Jerry Meadows, Tommy Tietjen, Justin Love, Jude Smith, Alayna Carroll, Fontsam, Russ Martin


Wed June 29

Jerry Foster, Scott Sanford, Alexis Gomez, Robert Daniels,, Brain Cathy, Darren T, Len Chappell, Jean Nolan, Jeff Dezern, Opal Justice, Dustin Alexander, John Pearson, Kalsey Kulyk


Thurs June 30

Pam Belford, Dark Waters Project, Donita Gwynn Newman, Brad Howard, Mark Lane, Chuck Fredrick, Bo Brendle Tiffany Grant, Dusty Duhon, TJ McGann, Merryll Loy



Friday July 1st  

Will be open from 5pm to 9 pm music from 6pm -9 pm no open Mic


Saturday July 2nd 

Commodore Grille will be open From 5pm - 9pm music from 6pm- 9pm no open Mic


Sunday July 3rd  

Commodore Grille will be open from 5pm-9pm NO MUSIC

Monday July 4th

 Commodore Grille will be open from 5pm-9pm NO MUSIC


***Room Service and Kitchen will follow this schedule.***


Be our guest, come early and stay late!

The Commodore Grille at Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt is a family-friendly restaurant serving breakfast, dinner and cocktails. Our menu features all your favorite dishes that are made to order. Call us at (615) 327-4707 with questions about our restaurant menu. We also feature Brew, our lobby coffee bar serving Bongo Java coffee, a local favorite. At night, the coffee specialities are available, as well as your favorite beverages.

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