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Dining at Commodore Grille in Nashville, TN

The Commodore Grille is open every day of the week for breakfast and dinner. With our eclectic menu, you are sure to find something to please everyone. In addition to serving breakfast and dinner, our restaurant and lounge features live entertainment each night of the week.


Call the friendly staff of Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt at (615) 327-4707 to learn more about our restaurant. For guests of the hotel, room service is available from the hours of 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

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Live Entertainment at Commodore Grille

Experience Nashville and the live entertainment of Music City without ever having to leave Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt. Located in the lobby of our Nashville hotel, the Commodore Grille lounge hosts live entertainment 7 days a week. Call us at (615) 327-4707 to learn more about our upcoming entertainment schedule. For this week, our Songwriters are as follows:




Sun Mon Wed and Thur nights 
No Cover Charge....
Mon Nov 23...Jon Robbins, Troy Castellano, Lena Price, Davis Corley, Robert Daniels, J4 Wandass, Breanne Young, Mark Addison Chandler, Stephanie Layne, Ricky Randolph, Cheyanne Howe, The Hummingbirds
Wed Nov writers night
Thurs Nov writers night
Sun Nov writers night
Mon Nov 30......Jane Bach, Buzz Band, Rebecca Hosking, Tommy Tietjen, Gary Cavanaugh, John Trentes, Joe Tucibat, Dixie Jade, Larry King, Brett Berwager, The Pfeiffer Twins, Greg Pratt, Hilary Romaine


no cover charge

Sun Mon Wed & Thurs nights
Wed Dec 2....Will Rambeaux, Dark Waters Project, Denny Martin, James Harrison, Emma, Kianna, Donita Gwyn Newman, Ronny Criss, Craig Waller, Johnny Ray, Antionette Olesen, Jack Deville, Justin Love
Thurs Dec 3.....Tommy Barnes, Jeff Prince, Mary Hartman, Tommy Turner, Bryan Cathey, Jamie Litt,Ty Warner, Summer Eden, Lexi Peto, Josh Champion
Sun Dec 6...Marc Alan Barnett, Bill Maier, Chris Beard, Alicia Sweany, Jay Pilzer, Mark McHenry, Jerry Green, The Garnetts, Ben Cesare, Adam Bruno, Brent LIndley, Megan Golden, Clay Howell, Matt Roy
Mon Dec 7........Jerry Foster, Madi Davis, Jamie Wayz, Zach Steinbach, Scott Neubert, Josh Wolfe, Jean Nolan, Keeli, Joe Rieg, Tommy Turner, Jeff Dezern, Jenna Davis, Lisa Nicole
Wed Dec 9...Tommy Barnes, Moses Cotton, Lisa Aschmann, Michelle Little, Wild Oats Records, Ed Beaver, Colleen Lloy, Lauren Mascitti, Chellanie, Karree J Phillips, Melissa Javors, Frank Hurd, Mike Mitchell, Mike Rodgers, Jason McAtee
Thurs Dec 10....Randy Finchman, Steve Rempis, Jim Aycock,  Kelsey Klingensmith, Jerry Meadows, Debbie Pascarella, Mary Hartman, Colleen Lloy,  Daniel Sprouse, Donna LaRose
Sun Dec 13....Jimmy Payne, Elizabeth Marlowe, Jeff Randall, The Garnetts, Rick Randolph, John Trentes, Greg Pratt, Matt McKloskey, Gary Goodfellow, James Arthur Ferguson, Skyler Geer
Mon Dec 14...Pete Salis, Joel Shewmake, Chellanie, Brett Berwager, Tommy Turner, Jackson Gulick, Gary Cavanaugh, Denny Martin, James Harrison, Emma, Lexi McKenzie, Scott Honaker, Rebecca Hosking, Tommy Tietjen, Bruce Brigham, Chad Lee Archer, Jordan Pepper
Wed Dec 16....Joel Shewmake, Will Rambeaux, Jesse Bower, Johnny Ray, Zach Steinbach, Josh Wolfe, Laurel Wright, Nicole Rae, Tim Angsten, Drew Kohl, Tawna Goforth, Jared Daniels, Dave Isaacs
Dec 17...Jane Bach, Dark Waters Project, David Taylor, Jerry K Green, Jamie Wayz, Joe Rieg, Darryl Rahn
Dec 20....Donnie Winters, Scott Nerbert, Lena Price, Robert Daniels, Ricky Randolph, Lacy Caroline, Brenda Parrish, Zach Robbins,Tyler & Jake Adams, Davis Corley, Randy Perkins, Mike DeMeza, Lois Berg, Scott Franklin, Joe Easley, Jess Helpt
Dec 21.....Ron Hellard, Effron White, Denny Russell, Jimmy Bilbrey, Mark Addison Chandler, JJ Como, Tyler Brent, Pam Tate, Tonya Noga, Johnny Ray, Derek Austin, Nick Bryant, Morning Monroe, Rich Kruger....

Happy Holidays!!

Be our guest, come early and stay late!

The Commodore Grille at Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt is a family-friendly restaurant serving breakfast, dinner and cocktails. Our menu features all your favorite dishes that are made to order. Call us at (615) 327-4707 with questions about our restaurant menu. We also feature Brew, our lobby coffee bar serving Bongo Java coffee, a local favorite. At night, the coffee specialities are available, as well as your favorite beverages.

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